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Guidance from experts in selecting a future career path
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Which career?
Which university to enroll in?
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This course is our commitment to fostering a joyful generation.

If you believe that individuals who excel in their chosen fields can contribute to a happier world, then the role of "Teen Career Advisor" is for you!
Online Lessons
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Report Analysis
Certification Work with Real Clients
  • Step-by-Step Approach to Working with Adolescents
    Even if you have no prior experience, we will teach you a comprehensive client-centric approach. Checklists, instructions, and workbooks are provided in the course materials.
  • Modern and Valid Psychodiagnostic Methodology - Digital Human®
    Our methodology serves as the cornerstone of your career in career guidance.
  • Instructors

    Practitioners and leading experts in career guidance and psychometrics. Our courses blend psychology, coaching, counseling, and economics. We possess in-depth knowledge of business, the job market, and the unique psychological aspects of working with children.

  • Unique Knowledge

    We have gathered the most current and cutting-edge information in this profession. We have examined the latest scientific research in the field, consolidating scientific knowledge and practical insights to create the premier career guidance course on the market.

  • Training Certification

    Our methodology has undergone rigorous testing and demonstrated its effectiveness.

Digital Human® Assessment Methodology
It was developed not only relying on expertise in psychology, psychodiagnostics, and psychometrics but also drawing from experience in personnel management. The creators of the methodology understand "what HR professionals think" – what they desire and demand from candidates. Therefore, the methodology, in addition to identifying values and career choices, places significant emphasis on Soft Skills.

This methodology enables answers not only to the question of "who to become" but also to the question of "how to build a successful career in the chosen field."
  • 17 TESTS
    Covering all the essential aspects of career guidance and career management
    Analyzed during the construction of a career trajectory
  • 150,000 ADOLESCENTS
    Have already undergone testing worldwide
The course is tailored for:
  • Career Counselors
    Those currently working with or interested in working with career guidance
  • Educational sector professionals
    Individuals involved in private educational projects, schools, career centers, and universities
  • Psychologists and other assisting professionals
  • Anyone seeking a new career path in the field of career development
Course facilitators
  • Aigiun Kurbanova
    Founder of Career Management School, with over 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Director, Certified ICU Coach (International Coach Union), and career consultant.
  • Pavel Kiselev
    Author of more than twenty scientific articles in educational psychology, including publications in first-quartile Scopus journals. Contributed to the development of the Digital Human® methodology.
  • Nadezhda Mikhaylenko
    Career coach, career guidance specialist, leading workshops on career guidance, speaker, and consultant at educational conferences, trainer for adolescent soft skills development. Over 7 years of experience in career coaching and career guidance for adults, students, and teenagers.
  • Anna Shevchenko
    Certified consultant in the Digital Human® methodology.
  • Aida Dadiani
    Career guidance specialist and career coach. After 12 years of working in advertising and marketing in managerial positions, she transitioned to a career expert role.
What Will You Learn in the Course?
  • You will acquire the skills for systematic career guidance for teenagers.

  • You will be able to provide feedback to adolescents regarding their strengths, areas for growth, and the development of key soft skills.

  • You will gain knowledge of career trends and the world of professions.

  • You will help teenagers choose a university and effectively chart their educational path as high school graduates.

  • You will master a new profession – that of a children's career counselor.
Course Outline